Hello, I am Mr. Mustache. I want to welcome you to my website, and I also want to invite you to visit me in Rogers City! Mr. Mustache and Company is a toy store and a whole lot more. We have thousands of great toys for sale and a lot of other surprises, too, including a 1923 Baldwin-Stafford Nickelodeon! I really hope you can come and visit us! Our store is easy to find. It’s conveniently located in the Downtown Business District of Historic Rogers City, at corner of Michigan and Third. We look forward to meeting you at what some of our customers have called, “one of the greatest little toy stores in the world,” – MR. MUSTACHE AND COMPANY! It’s worth the drive!


You can contact Mr. Mustache and Company, by calling (989)474-9444, or by visiting our FACEBOOK page. We love to hear from our friends and we’re always ready to answer any questions you have about what, we think, is one of the greatest little toy stores in the whole wide world!


“The owners are beyond terrific. This was our first time there and it was such an incredible experience!! They gave our daughter a balloon and flowers and an “elephant ride.” They also played the ancient Nickelodeon piano at the back of their store. There were so many large stuffed animals and animal statues that it was like the world’s best petting zoo for my 1.5 year old. The toys in the store are such great quality and at an extremely affordable price. There owners are what really made the experience though. Their love for God and for others really shone vibrantly through the kindness with which they treated others and they made you feel so special and blessed to be there. I just can’t stress this enough: we will definitely be back and can’t recommend this place enough!! We will definitely be making the trek back to Roger City for this gem of a store!” – L. L.

“Visited the first time today. A very friendly atmosphere. The owners are phenomenal. Highly recommend a visit there.” – F. S.

“So much to love! They even played the nickelodeon (a player piano, not the TV channel). I was so tempted by the fudge…can you tell? It was calling my name. They also had kites! We had just come from the beach, or I would have been tempted to buy one!” – M. M.